A Bryden-Parth live experience is nothing short of a party. They perform as a duo, a seven-member band, as well as with The Choral Riff.  
The band is made up  of seasoned musicians with decades of musicianship and experience between them, and is a perfect balance of veteran heavyweights and versatile fresh talent.

The Choral Riff is an ensemble choir comprising of some of the best vocal talents of the city, which lends a harmony section to the shows, along with a unique theatrical element.

Together, they create an unparalleled vocal and visual live experience for their audience.

Upcoming Gigs


5th | Indore

11th | Mumbai

20th | Udaipur

21st | Chennai

23rd | Phuket

26th | New Delhi

29th | Mysore


3rd | Goa

8th | Phuket

10th | Jaipur

13th | Surat

16th | Nagpur

January (2018)

3rd | Jaipur


17th | Jodhpur