The Band Series

The first member of our band that we'd like for you to get to know is one of the grooviest cats in town, Robi Dominic Gomango.
Or as we like to call him, Osi.

BrydenParth_Osi Gomango_Bass.jpg

Osi is the bass guitarist of Bryden-Parth, and to say he's a veteran of the scene, would be an understatement.

Originally from Calcutta, Osi has played for some of the most popular acts to come out of the city, including being the founding member of classic rock band Krosswindz. 
While there, he played with a bunch of bands—Barefoot, a through and through pop act, Plan B, a glam rock and funk band, and Shiva, widely considered as one of the granddaddies of the Indian rock scene. 

The groove then led him to Bangalore (fortunately for us) around four years ago, and he’s been raising the funk levels of the city ever since.

He co-founded the Riverman Band, along with Luke Pattison, and a little after, began playing with The Quad, a sessions band that features with multiple vocalists from the city.


With Bryden-Parth, Osi brings not just his incredibly groovy vibe but also the kind of classy sound that comes with years of mastery over the instrument. Having him on board completes our sound in a unique way that only Osi can. 

When he’s not slapping and popping a crazy bassline for us, you can find him throwing back shots of espresso or catching the latest feature film.