The Band Series

Say hello to Joel Rozario, the percussionist of Bryden-Parth.


If you’ve been around from the early days, you’ll know that Joel is actually the first member of our band, going all the way back to when we did our first set of live shows at coffee shops.
Yeah, ‘BJP’ still makes us laugh.

He’s been playing in bands right from his Pre-University days, starting out with Pushing Tin, a funk rock band. 
When he started his degree at St. Joseph’s Arts & Science College, he was also a part of the acapella group Wasabi, along with taking on the role of handling the college choir for two years.

Around this time, he co-founded Point Blank, a band that would, after some lineup changes, go on to become Solder.
With Solder, Joel played at multiple college and semi-professional competitions, a space where the band enjoyed massive success. The band gigged for a good six years before going on an indefinite hiatus.

A few years into Solder, The Sylvester Trio happened. The trio is Sylvester Pradeep, Snehal Pinto and Joel, who joined them a year after they formed, and has been gigging with them ever since. The band is currently recording their first ever album, which is currently in the process of being mixed and mastered.

If you know Joel though, he’s the kind of guy who has endless energy reserves and is always doing as many things as he possibly can. Joel is also a part of d'frens, a corporate employee engagement entity, where he manages the music vertical.Essentially, he conducts workshops for company employees that revolve around interaction through percussion-based gamification. d'frens were also semi-finalists in India’s Got Talent!


Although Joel started out drumming for us, he seamlessly transitioned into the role of percussionist when the need for the sound arose.

His feel for the exact elements of percussion that complement our sound, along with his inimitable energy, make him one of the most inspiring people to share stage with. And he’s a mad vocalist too!
Along with all of this, he’s also one of the nicest human beings you’ll meet, and the funniest guy. We have the good fortune of calling him our friend and bandmate.