The Band Series

This is Siddhart Kamath. (Or Sid, or Kamath, take your pick.)
He’s our keyboardist and programmer. But that’s just two of the many musical roles this multi-talented, multi-faceted music making machine juggles.


With musicality being second nature to his family, Siddhart has been playing the keyboard since he can remember.
But along the way, he also picked up playing the guitar, and drums, and we’re not sure what other instrument. He’s a bit of a genius like that.

That’s also why he’s been a part of multiple bands, fulfilling multiple roles. Whether it’s his former band LIVE Banned, a parody metal/punk/pop/rock band, or Threinody, the metal band he plays guitars with, or Akashic, his space rock band, or most recently Peepal Tree, Siddhart brings a larger than life sound to each act he’s a part of.

And this is true of his contribution to Bryden-Parth. Siddhart takes our sound to the next level, adding both a strong melodic presence, along with a truly epic sound to all of our productions.
When we started out, we always knew that we wanted our sound and live experiences to be massive, and when Siddhart became a part of our band last year, he was instrumental in helping us achieve that.


When he’s not spending his time between making music and playing shows with his multiple bands, Siddhart also dons the hat of programmer and music director, having worked extensively with both the Kannada and Tamil film industries. Additionally, he records and produces albums for bands as well.

Having said all of that though, his greatest and most useful talent might be his ability to fall asleep, anywhere, anytime. You have to see it to believe it!