The Band Series

We don’t have favourites in the band of course, but Deepak Doddera comes close.

Deepak is our frontman, our vocalist, the man who takes our music and weaves his vocal magic around it.


He began singing only about nine years ago, so as industry standards go, he’s a fresh entrant. 
With no formal training, Deepak tried his luck by auditioning for multiple television shows and ended being disappointed a bunch of times. But because it’s Deepak, he went back, practiced and kept coming back stronger.

Along this time, Deepak was also doing a lot of jingles for different people, and that’s when he thought about trying his luck with studio recordings and playback.

His first big break was the Kannada show, Zee Saregamapa, which was when he was noticed by music directors and producers. He began getting a lot of playback singing offers and he continues to be an active part of the South-Indian playback industry.

He also had a corporate job through all of this—a tech support job that he felt wasn’t quite right for him, prompting him to change companies, which soon led to the realisation that this was not what he wanted to do. So he decided to quit his corporate job and pursue a career in music.


It’s worth mentioning that Deepak is from Coorg, so he’s a Kannadiga. But you wouldn’t ever be able to guess that, thanks to the finesse with which he sings in multiple languages. While he fronts all of the Hindi songs in our set, Deepak also does playback singing for the Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Tulu film industries. And if you heard him sing, you’d think all of those languages were native to him. It amazes us too!

Although, once you get past being amazed by his vocal abilities, you realise what a hard-working, genuine human being the man is. He’s only kept upping his game with us, constantly trying new things to refine his technique, inspiring us to do the same.
We couldn’t have asked for a more ideal frontman for our band, easily one of the best vocalists we’ve worked with, and definitely one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.