The Choir Series- Altos

Say hello to the Altos.

Beginning with our senior most choir member, Jerusha Verghese. 


Jeru has been singing for as long as she can remember.

She’s even judged some of our band and choir members in college competitions, and has been a sessions singer with some of the best musicians to come out of the Bangalore music scene.

Vice President of the student union of Mount Carmel College in 2006, she was extremely active right from the get go, which resulted in her being a part of multiple choirs after she graduated. 

She joined Reverb after college, was a part of Glorious, and a little later, Wishbone Factory.

Her first stint as the frontwoman of a band was with Riverman Band, which she was a part of for a couple of years.

And through all of this, she also completed 10 years with HP last year.

Jerusha’s many years of experience with choral music, along with her powerhouse voice, continues to elevate The Choral Riff experience.

Bulbul Khoda, one of three altos, has also been a part of the choir from the early days.


Along with singing with The Choral Riff, Bulbul also studied Western Classical music at Octavium Music Academy for two years, with whom she performs periodically.

An Escalations Engineer at HP Inc., Bulbul is a constant presence in all the cultural events within the company as well, effortlessly switching between both Western and Indian singing.

When she’s not singing, or doing something music related, you can find her kicking some butt at the gym!

Mana Santhanam is the oldest member of The Choral Riff, and has been around from the time it was a concept, a choir by a different name, and ultimately the ensemble it is today. 


When she’s not singing with the choir, she juggles her multiple day jobs of Content and Website Creator, Food Photographer and Customisation Artist.

And although she has been managing content for Bryden-Parth from 2015, right around the time we started out, she officially became the second employee of Bryden-Parth Productions as Content Manager earlier this month. That’s one more job for her to juggle!