The Choir Series- Tenors

Say hello to the Tenors.

Joash Kripakar Benjamin's association with choral music is a long standing one. And he’s also an original member of The Choral Riff.


Right from church choirs to session singing with the best in the business, he’s grown up with Bangalore music royalty, and is himself one of the finest vocalists in town. 

Joash, or Buntu (as he’s better known), was a part of U&I, with whom he continues to be associated, before starting his own design consultancy with co-founder Manek D’Silva. 
He is also our Manager, the very first employee of Bryden-Parth Productions, and pretty much the guy you need to get in touch with for everything Bryden-Parth related.

Buntu is a well-known name in the gospel music circles, and he brings his keen sense of harmony and exemplary musical taste, along with his marketing skills, to the table, providing an incredibly solid base for both our music and management.

Prashanth Karl has probably been musically involved with Bryden-Parth (well, just Bryden initially) the longest, right from their school days at St. Joseph’s, and later with Bryden’s first college band Shamans, in which Prashanth played bass.


He was also a part of the acapella group, Thugs In Harmony.

Currently the Provisioning Team Lead at Aconex India Pvt. Ltd., Prashanth is also an active part of his church’s worship team, another place he demonstrates his rock solid harmonies.

Along with his unquestionable talent, Prashanth brings the best work ethic to Bryden-Parth. That’s why he’s the first one to help anyone who needs it, and the last one to leave the stage, usually helping all band members with their gear. And he does all of this so quietly and gracefully, that you might not even notice, unless of course, he breaks out into one of his signature dance moves.

George Varkey Mammen is one of the most gifted vocalists you’ll meet. He sings everything from John Mayer to Ed Sheeran with surprising ease, and this smoothness extends to his own song writing.


At his day job, George is a Senior Marketing Executive with the Brigade Group, but he moonlights as a singer-songwriter, and sessions singer with multiple acoustic acts in the city.

A journey that started off by being an irreplaceable part of the cultural team of Christ University, George has extended his indispensable presence to The Choral Riff over the last six years now.
More recently, he has begun working on his solo album and we can’t wait to hear it!

Daniel Joel Selvaraj is probably one of the most well-known people in all of Bangalore. With social groups that extend to every part of the city, Dan’s musical abilities tend to follow the same pattern.


Singing in church since he was a young boy, he has been a prominent musical figure at many beloved music spaces and clubs in the city, where you’ve probably heard him singing his favourite Country Music songs.

Apart from singing with The Choral Riff, he is currently part of a four-member band called Mud Road, a personal favourite of ours. 
A Chef by qualification, he runs a catering company called Big J's - Catering & Grill, of which he is co-founder and one of four partners.

Dan has sung with, and been a close friend to many members of the choir and band for years now, so while he's the newest member of the choir as timelines go, it feels like he’s always been a part of the family.