Types of Roommates (Band on Tour Edition)

It’s no secret that the tour life isn’t easy. But like the neoclassical saying goes, you don’t choose the tour life, the tour life chooses you. 

From one city to another, and one hotel to the next, you end up bunking with a lot of people and in doing so, discovering the kind of roommate they make. And once you experience it, there’s no going back.

Actual photograph of a man and caterpillar in a hotel room.

Actual photograph of a man and caterpillar in a hotel room.

Of course, this covers only a small portion of the type of roommates you could encounter.
Before we get started, here’s a disclaimer that any resemblance between the roommates mentioned in this article and any band’s members, past or present, is purely coincidental. (Or is it?!)

The Sleeps-In-A-Second Roommate

This type of roommate need only brush against the bed and they’ll be out like a light. 

Any conversation you might have been hoping to have is a lost cause. But on the flip side, it’s almost like having the room to yourself.

Until they start snoring, that is. (But more on this later)

The Always-Late-For-Lobby-Call Roommate

No amount of pre-sent messages and verbal reminders can motivate this roommate to be on time. 

They always push it as much past reporting time as possible, and you’re left wondering whether you should just go on down by yourself and seem like the worst roommate, or wait and be forever labelled as unpunctual.

The dilemma is real.

The Always-First-For-Everything Roommate

In stark contrast to our previous type of roommate, this one is forever making it a point to be the first for everything, right from lobby calls to backstage reporting.
There have been cases of these enthusiastic cutlets showing up at breakfast, but for lunch.  

Dear this type of person, while being punctual is great, there are no medals for getting there 50,000 hours earlier.

The Man-Or-Machine-Snoring-Extreme Roommate

If you end up with this roommate, you’ve got the short end of the straw for sure.
Sure, snoring is perfectly natural.

But when the snoring imitates sounds commonly associated with heavy machinery and modes of transport, you can kiss any thoughts of relaxation goodbye. 

The Never-Wakes-Up-To-Own-Alarm Roommate

While we’re on the topic of disrupted sleep, ever bunked with a roommate that sets a billion alarms but somehow never wakes up to a single one of them?

Although this type of roommate has good intentions, he/she doesn’t end up getting up until you turn off their alarm and physically wake them up. Makes you wonder what they’d do if they ever stayed alone, and also makes you suddenly appreciate your Mom.

Love you, Moms!

The Hi-I am-A-Wannabe-Eskimo Roommate

Of course, the very purpose of Air Conditioners is to artificially modify the environment to a nice and cool temperature that puts you at ease.

But that is somehow lost on the roommates that think the purpose of an AC is to turn the room into a veritable glacier. These roommates are in some imaginary competition with polar bears or something, because until your breath turns into frost, they probably won’t realise they’ve gone too far. 

The Smoking-Room-Please Roommate

You feel this roommate's presence most when rooms are being assigned.
They are easily identified by their constant request for a 'smoking room', based on concerns like staying in a non-smoking room prevents their bodies and minds from functioning right. (Oh, the irony!)

In the case that they don't get a smoking room, they suddenly display razor sharp wit and logistical prowess—finding the shortest route to the smoking area, scoping the hotel blueprint out to find the closest balconies, locating obscure cigarette shops in unknown cities, talking to strangers to bum off a cigarette, and other such resourceful things.

The Eats-All-Your-Food Roommate

You’re in your room, placing the order for room service and you casually ask this roommate if they’re hungry, and they just as casually say something about how they’re still full from breakfast or some such vague thing.

Cool. You place an order just right for you, because you’re pretty hungry and you know exactly what will satisfy that hunger.

Your food arrives, it looks amazing, you lay it out and you’re about to tuck in, when all of a sudden the previously ‘not hungry’ roommate decides that they are, after all, hungry.
DAFAQ ??!! is all that runs through your mind, as you grudgingly hand them a plate and wonder who came up with the absolutely useless saying, "sharing is caring."

The Orders-Everything-And-Eats-Nothing Roommate

It’s a well known fact that people tend to be a little more wasteful in hotels, than they would be at home. Bathtubs, endless showers, forever-on-full-blast AC, etcetera, etcetera. 

There are roommates who take this to the next level when in comes to in-room dining and end up ordering everything that sounds edible, take one bite, and then declare themselves too full.

And in doing so, leaving dishes and dishes of food on display, which makes you feel equal parts guilty and judged.
As every article and photo you've ever seen about food shortage plays in your mind, you try to get rid of your guilt by leaving the tray outside, but if you listen carefully, you’ll hear a bell ringing and the faint echoes of “shame…shame…shame…” in the corridor. (Hi GOT fans!)

The Hogs-The-Bathroom Roommate

When you're on tour, timelines are tight. And when you're sharing space with someone, that timeline gets even tighter.

That's why roommates that hog bathroom time are among the top three worst. 
Their showers (one among their many bathroom activities) could easily deplete the water supply of an entire city, and leave you wondering whether it is indeed possible for a human to wash their skin off. 

Excuses given to justify this behaviour are "I get all my thinking done in the shower."
They happen to be close cousins of the Shower-Every-Hour Roommate, who is only slightly more bearable.

The Roommate-Or-Ghost? Roommate

Touring is definitely not for the fainthearted.
This kind of roommate is your roommates on paper (basically the list made at the lobby). But they’re usually in someone else’s room more than yours.

Sure, they’re with you in the elevator, and while you’re dragging your bags in.
You start to unpack and turn around, and they’re gone!

They appear around meal times again and you think you know where they are, but you step into the room to gargle, and boom! They’re gone.

You say nothing when they reappear to get ready, as you both fix your look in the mirror.
 You bend to wear your shoes, and bam! Just your reflection staring back at you from the mirror.

Bewildered and perplexed, you get into bed. Wake up next morning and aaarghhh! There they are, fast asleep as if they never left.

Strange things happen on tour, my friend.

The Volunteers-Room-For-Afterparty Roommate

This is the roommate that loves to party and is the first one to volunteer your room as the after-party area.
It all starts with an innocuous “after party where?” message on the WhatsApp thread, and before you can do anything about it, you see your room number as a response. &^#$!!!

This means all the food, and all the booze, and all the whatever else ends up in your otherwise pristine room, and you’re forced to stay up and act like you’re having fun when you want nothing more than to throw everyone out and just sleep. (especially that ever-present roommate who isn’t even your roommate.)

The Always-Leaves-Something-Behind Roommate

This roommate is a compulsive forgetter—clothes, shades, earphones, books, devices, wallets, IDs.
You name it and there's a high likelihood that they've left at least three of these things behind at some point, if not all.

While they promiiisseeee that the next time they'll be better and make sure they never screw up like this again, the disappointing loop of loss is never-ending. Just like your former relationship.

If you’ve ever been on the road, or heck, shared a room even, tell us which type of roommate you are (or which type you've ended up with) in the comments.

The Sound Engineers

It’s March already! The first two months of this year have been a whirlwind, mainly because we were hopping from one show to the next.

The whole experience is both exhilarating and exhausting. But that’s just for the band (and choir!) There is another group of individuals who bust their backs just as much, if not more, every single show.

You don’t see them on stage, and you probably won’t see them at all, because they’re usually working their magic from a shadowy corner. But you definitely feel their presence the minute the first note soars out of the PA. Yup, we’re talking about the amazing Sound Engineers we work with. 

They’re the ones that make or break a show, set the tone with their sound, and are responsible for both the band and the audience experiencing the magic that can only be found at a live show.

We’ve had the good fortune of working with some of the best in the industry, and these last two months especially have been fantastic. And we just wanted all of you to know who these sonic superheroes are. We’re infinitely grateful!

PC: Meghna Das

PC: Meghna Das

Nitesh Narayan

The man we started out with, who was mixing us back when we were a three-piece set, playing at coffee shops. It’s another story that he grew up with Bryden and has been musically associated with him since school, and also mixed for Slain, the progressive rock band that Bryden is a part of. 

He’s also worked with Bryden and Parth when they were a part of The Raghu Dixit Project. Nitesh worked as a product specialist with Ansata Systems, freelancing in Bangalore before he moved to Mumbai to work with Audio Dimensions. Currently, he is freelancing and running his own company, Anvil Entertainment Solutions, which provides design and consultancy for light, audio and visual display.

His best-hidden talent though is his ability to bust some wicked dance moves. Ask him to show you!

 Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Vinod V Bangera

Vinod is the owner of Systematic Inc., a sound and lights reinforcement company, that is the forerunner in transforming the live music experience. And given that the company handles everything from Corporate to Rock shows, Vinod is also one of the hardest working people out there.

His association with Bryden and Parth dates back to when they were a part of TRDP and Vinod was mixing for them. 

When Bryden-Parth took off, and the scale of the shows began to expand, Vinod was there in full strength, supporting them with his signature massive sound. Some of the band’s best live experiences have been thanks to his faith in the duo. When he’s not setting up sound for a show (which is very rare), you can find him spending time with his beautiful wife and adorable sons. 

 Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Nikhil V. Pai

Nikhil Pai is probably the hardest working individual we’ve associated with. And also someone who can function with the least amount of sleep, with a cheerful disposition at that. Nikhil started out running his own rental company ‘Orpheus’ in Hyderabad, before he decided to freelance as a mix engineer for bands. He has since mixed for numerous bands, both in India and abroad.

But of course, Niks being Niks, sleepless nights mixing multiple bands wasn’t quite enough—he is also a professional co-driver for Arka Motorsports, a national level rally racing team, with whom he has won the Indian National Rally Championship for co-drivers in 2016.

Nikhil’s work ethic, patience and sheer professionalism, is something that inspires us every single show he mixes for us. And work aside, he’s one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. Ladies, take note.

PC: Shreya Sundar Iyer

PC: Shreya Sundar Iyer

Abijith Rao

This young spitfire of a sound-engineer has been a part of the Bangalore music scene both as a musician and engineer for the longest time, and mixes for bands of all genres, right from the likes of Sid Sriram to Skrat. 

Abi worked with us during one of the more stressful parts of our incredibly hectic February Schedule, and though this was his first time working with the entire band and choir of 16 people, he handled it with complete ease. Definitely a welcome relief for us between our stressful tour. He also helps coordinate the MTM-Motorcycle Travellers Meet, and is the frontman of the metal band, Escher’s Knot.

But when there are no shows and work commitments tying him down, he doesn’t waste a second getting on his bike and discovering new trails around the country. Or, as he did more recently, taking a six months long biking trip around the world, solo. 

 Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Prathik Sn

Another young man in the scene, who is making his presence felt by the sheer versatility of the things he does. Prathik freelances by mixing FOH for BrodhaV and Perfect Strangers, among other bands in the country.

He is also the HOD at AudioLife, a sound school in JP Nagar, Bangalore, which offers Diplomas in Sound Engineering. When he isn’t being teacher and guide to young ‘uns, he’s busy fulfilling Head Engineer duties at Fandom by Gilly’s. He eventually plans to branch out and start consulting for venues, later this year.

Prathik has been with us on some of our most interesting shows yet, mixing for us both in India and abroad and has been one of the most good natured and fun people to work with. Most recently, he mixed for our Phuket show, which was easily the most eventful journey and show we’ve ever experienced. (More on that soon!)
He won’t hear you if there’s a good hamburger around, though.

 Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Fali Damania

If there were a rockstar among sound engineers, then Fali would definitely be it. An industry veteran, Fali needs no introduction. 
He’s mixed all of our music heroes, from legendary bands like Pentagram, to legendary composers like A.R. Rahman, along with some of the biggest names in Bollywood.

Having been someone we’ve greatly admired, and whose mixes have left us (and everyone else in the audience) in awe, we were absolutely stoked when he agreed to mix our first ever show of the year. And he totally lived up to his reputation. 

Not only was our sound massive, but working with Fali was as satisfying an experience as one would expect. We definitely look forward to working with him again. And while we’re there, get him to give us some fantastic diet and fitness tips as well.

PC: Vinod Kumar Naidu

PC: Vinod Kumar Naidu

Vinod Kumar Naidu

Although Vinod’s stint with us was a short one, we had the best time working with him. Right from shows in scenic settings to places we were freezing body parts off. ( and where Vinod decided to show up in shorts!)
Vinod is a well-known figure in Bangalore music scene, and mixes for multiple bands in the city. He also consults and mixes for some of the most beloved live music venues in the city.
When he isn’t mixing for one of his many bands, you’re most likely going to find him at a show, supporting the scene.
(Photo used here taken from Vinod’s personal profile.)

Our third soprano got married!

We saved talking about our third soprano, Bianca Lobo, for today.
She’s been on a bit of a break from the choir, and there’s a very special reason why—she’s all set to become a gorgeous bride today!

Bianca has been with us for the longest time now, and has one of the most distinct and impactful voices you’ll hear. And her vibrato will shake you to the soul.


But just like her voice, her personality is also unforgettable. The most obvious thing you’ll notice about Bianca is how good natured she is, but she is also exceptionally professional, and has always been a source of confidence and good vibes for the band and choir alike.

Congratulations on your big day, Bianca! We wish you the best, and we hope you get to eat all the wedding cake your heart desires.

The Choir Series- Altos

Say hello to the Altos.

Beginning with our senior most choir member, Jerusha Verghese. 


Jeru has been singing for as long as she can remember.

She’s even judged some of our band and choir members in college competitions, and has been a sessions singer with some of the best musicians to come out of the Bangalore music scene.

Vice President of the student union of Mount Carmel College in 2006, she was extremely active right from the get go, which resulted in her being a part of multiple choirs after she graduated. 

She joined Reverb after college, was a part of Glorious, and a little later, Wishbone Factory.

Her first stint as the frontwoman of a band was with Riverman Band, which she was a part of for a couple of years.

And through all of this, she also completed 10 years with HP last year.

Jerusha’s many years of experience with choral music, along with her powerhouse voice, continues to elevate The Choral Riff experience.

Bulbul Khoda, one of three altos, has also been a part of the choir from the early days.


Along with singing with The Choral Riff, Bulbul also studied Western Classical music at Octavium Music Academy for two years, with whom she performs periodically.

An Escalations Engineer at HP Inc., Bulbul is a constant presence in all the cultural events within the company as well, effortlessly switching between both Western and Indian singing.

When she’s not singing, or doing something music related, you can find her kicking some butt at the gym!

Mana Santhanam is the oldest member of The Choral Riff, and has been around from the time it was a concept, a choir by a different name, and ultimately the ensemble it is today. 


When she’s not singing with the choir, she juggles her multiple day jobs of Content and Website Creator, Food Photographer and Customisation Artist.

And although she has been managing content for Bryden-Parth from 2015, right around the time we started out, she officially became the second employee of Bryden-Parth Productions as Content Manager earlier this month. That’s one more job for her to juggle!

The Choir Series- Tenors

Say hello to the Tenors.

Joash Kripakar Benjamin's association with choral music is a long standing one. And he’s also an original member of The Choral Riff.


Right from church choirs to session singing with the best in the business, he’s grown up with Bangalore music royalty, and is himself one of the finest vocalists in town. 

Joash, or Buntu (as he’s better known), was a part of U&I, with whom he continues to be associated, before starting his own design consultancy with co-founder Manek D’Silva. 
He is also our Manager, the very first employee of Bryden-Parth Productions, and pretty much the guy you need to get in touch with for everything Bryden-Parth related.

Buntu is a well-known name in the gospel music circles, and he brings his keen sense of harmony and exemplary musical taste, along with his marketing skills, to the table, providing an incredibly solid base for both our music and management.

Prashanth Karl has probably been musically involved with Bryden-Parth (well, just Bryden initially) the longest, right from their school days at St. Joseph’s, and later with Bryden’s first college band Shamans, in which Prashanth played bass.


He was also a part of the acapella group, Thugs In Harmony.

Currently the Provisioning Team Lead at Aconex India Pvt. Ltd., Prashanth is also an active part of his church’s worship team, another place he demonstrates his rock solid harmonies.

Along with his unquestionable talent, Prashanth brings the best work ethic to Bryden-Parth. That’s why he’s the first one to help anyone who needs it, and the last one to leave the stage, usually helping all band members with their gear. And he does all of this so quietly and gracefully, that you might not even notice, unless of course, he breaks out into one of his signature dance moves.

George Varkey Mammen is one of the most gifted vocalists you’ll meet. He sings everything from John Mayer to Ed Sheeran with surprising ease, and this smoothness extends to his own song writing.


At his day job, George is a Senior Marketing Executive with the Brigade Group, but he moonlights as a singer-songwriter, and sessions singer with multiple acoustic acts in the city.

A journey that started off by being an irreplaceable part of the cultural team of Christ University, George has extended his indispensable presence to The Choral Riff over the last six years now.
More recently, he has begun working on his solo album and we can’t wait to hear it!

Daniel Joel Selvaraj is probably one of the most well-known people in all of Bangalore. With social groups that extend to every part of the city, Dan’s musical abilities tend to follow the same pattern.


Singing in church since he was a young boy, he has been a prominent musical figure at many beloved music spaces and clubs in the city, where you’ve probably heard him singing his favourite Country Music songs.

Apart from singing with The Choral Riff, he is currently part of a four-member band called Mud Road, a personal favourite of ours. 
A Chef by qualification, he runs a catering company called Big J's - Catering & Grill, of which he is co-founder and one of four partners.

Dan has sung with, and been a close friend to many members of the choir and band for years now, so while he's the newest member of the choir as timelines go, it feels like he’s always been a part of the family.

The Choir Series- Sopranos

Meet the Sopranos.

Ruhee Ahamed Asif is one of our original sopranos.


She was there when the choir was formed, and after a brief hiatus, returned full-power to fulfil her singing aspirations.

Ruhee has been singing right from her school days, winning many competitions along the way, and has also been a part of Wishbone Factory.

When she’s not singing with us, she is actively involved in recording voiceovers, jingles, and handling vocal and choral arrangements for various bands and music projects.
She has also dabbled in Kannada and Malayalam playback singing.

With a superlative range and vocal control, along with prowess in both English and Hindi singing, she fulfils the dual role of choir member and front-woman for Bryden-Parth, in her signature flawless style.

Meghna Das is easily our most qualified member.


A Masters Degree holder in Chemistry, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Performing Arts at Srishti.
But that’s just the academic bit.

Meghna has studied Odissi from the age of five, and is a member of Nrityantar Odissi Dance Ensemble, where she takes on the dual role of student and teacher.
She is also a guest faculty at Mount Carmel College, her alma mater. 

When she isn’t pursuing academic achievements, or directing dance productions, or conducting body conditioning workshops, she also freelances as a content writer.

And of course, along with all of that, brings her many years of experience with the stage and performance arts to The Choral Riff.

The Band Series

We don’t have favourites in the band of course, but Deepak Doddera comes close.

Deepak is our frontman, our vocalist, the man who takes our music and weaves his vocal magic around it.


He began singing only about nine years ago, so as industry standards go, he’s a fresh entrant. 
With no formal training, Deepak tried his luck by auditioning for multiple television shows and ended being disappointed a bunch of times. But because it’s Deepak, he went back, practiced and kept coming back stronger.

Along this time, Deepak was also doing a lot of jingles for different people, and that’s when he thought about trying his luck with studio recordings and playback.

His first big break was the Kannada show, Zee Saregamapa, which was when he was noticed by music directors and producers. He began getting a lot of playback singing offers and he continues to be an active part of the South-Indian playback industry.

He also had a corporate job through all of this—a tech support job that he felt wasn’t quite right for him, prompting him to change companies, which soon led to the realisation that this was not what he wanted to do. So he decided to quit his corporate job and pursue a career in music.


It’s worth mentioning that Deepak is from Coorg, so he’s a Kannadiga. But you wouldn’t ever be able to guess that, thanks to the finesse with which he sings in multiple languages. While he fronts all of the Hindi songs in our set, Deepak also does playback singing for the Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Tulu film industries. And if you heard him sing, you’d think all of those languages were native to him. It amazes us too!

Although, once you get past being amazed by his vocal abilities, you realise what a hard-working, genuine human being the man is. He’s only kept upping his game with us, constantly trying new things to refine his technique, inspiring us to do the same.
We couldn’t have asked for a more ideal frontman for our band, easily one of the best vocalists we’ve worked with, and definitely one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

The Band Series

This is Siddhart Kamath. (Or Sid, or Kamath, take your pick.)
He’s our keyboardist and programmer. But that’s just two of the many musical roles this multi-talented, multi-faceted music making machine juggles.


With musicality being second nature to his family, Siddhart has been playing the keyboard since he can remember.
But along the way, he also picked up playing the guitar, and drums, and we’re not sure what other instrument. He’s a bit of a genius like that.

That’s also why he’s been a part of multiple bands, fulfilling multiple roles. Whether it’s his former band LIVE Banned, a parody metal/punk/pop/rock band, or Threinody, the metal band he plays guitars with, or Akashic, his space rock band, or most recently Peepal Tree, Siddhart brings a larger than life sound to each act he’s a part of.

And this is true of his contribution to Bryden-Parth. Siddhart takes our sound to the next level, adding both a strong melodic presence, along with a truly epic sound to all of our productions.
When we started out, we always knew that we wanted our sound and live experiences to be massive, and when Siddhart became a part of our band last year, he was instrumental in helping us achieve that.


When he’s not spending his time between making music and playing shows with his multiple bands, Siddhart also dons the hat of programmer and music director, having worked extensively with both the Kannada and Tamil film industries. Additionally, he records and produces albums for bands as well.

Having said all of that though, his greatest and most useful talent might be his ability to fall asleep, anywhere, anytime. You have to see it to believe it!

The Band Series

Say hello to Joel Rozario, the percussionist of Bryden-Parth.


If you’ve been around from the early days, you’ll know that Joel is actually the first member of our band, going all the way back to when we did our first set of live shows at coffee shops.
Yeah, ‘BJP’ still makes us laugh.

He’s been playing in bands right from his Pre-University days, starting out with Pushing Tin, a funk rock band. 
When he started his degree at St. Joseph’s Arts & Science College, he was also a part of the acapella group Wasabi, along with taking on the role of handling the college choir for two years.

Around this time, he co-founded Point Blank, a band that would, after some lineup changes, go on to become Solder.
With Solder, Joel played at multiple college and semi-professional competitions, a space where the band enjoyed massive success. The band gigged for a good six years before going on an indefinite hiatus.

A few years into Solder, The Sylvester Trio happened. The trio is Sylvester Pradeep, Snehal Pinto and Joel, who joined them a year after they formed, and has been gigging with them ever since. The band is currently recording their first ever album, which is currently in the process of being mixed and mastered.

If you know Joel though, he’s the kind of guy who has endless energy reserves and is always doing as many things as he possibly can. Joel is also a part of d'frens, a corporate employee engagement entity, where he manages the music vertical.Essentially, he conducts workshops for company employees that revolve around interaction through percussion-based gamification. d'frens were also semi-finalists in India’s Got Talent!


Although Joel started out drumming for us, he seamlessly transitioned into the role of percussionist when the need for the sound arose.

His feel for the exact elements of percussion that complement our sound, along with his inimitable energy, make him one of the most inspiring people to share stage with. And he’s a mad vocalist too!
Along with all of this, he’s also one of the nicest human beings you’ll meet, and the funniest guy. We have the good fortune of calling him our friend and bandmate.

The Band Series

The next member of Bryden-Parth we’d like to tell you about is Bangalore music royalty, Willy Demoz.

Willy has been a part of some of the most iconic bands of the country, and is widely regarded as one of the most versatile drummers in the scene.
And although he started playing the drums all the way in school, he almost didn’t too!


A Mechanical Engineer by qualification, Willy did his engineering from 2000-2004 and during that time, till about 2006 when he moved to the United States, played for bands that were hero-worshipped by every aspiring, starry-eyed wannabe-musician.

Mixed Fruit Jam, Millikan’s Oil Drop, Cryptic, Imbalance (his first band with best friend and later constant bandmate, Tony Das) and Bhoomi were just the bands he played for in Bangalore. Each of them being multi-genre behemoths. 

He then moved to Chennai for a short while, where he played with Garage Monsters Inc. and the legendary Moksha, till he left for Phoenix, Arizona. 

In the U.S., Willy worked for almost two years as a software engineer, until he had the epiphany that the only thing he really wanted to do for the rest of his life was music. Phew!
But in the short time he was working in America, he played with Jim Whittaker and also had the opportunity to get drumming lessons from Dom Moio.

When he returned to India in 2009, after a few months of back and forth travel while serving notice, he began playing for Vasundhara Das, soon after which he was called to play for The Raghu Dixit Project
While we’d been fanboys of Willy right from his early days, this is where the two of us got to share stage and work with the legend. And what a journey it was all of us, both personally and professionally.

Willy left TRDP in 2013, and went on to become co-founder of Peepal Tree, a band he currently plays with, along with Tony Das, Sujay Harthi and Praveen Biligiri. (Their latest entrant, Siddhart Kamath, is also a member of Bryden-Parth, but more on him later.)


A Zildjian endorsee himself, Willy’s feel for the instrument is unparalleled. But when he decided to join us, it just strengthened our belief in what we were doing. 
Because that’s what happens when a longtime hero decides to put his faith in your dream.

And we’ve been forging forward ever since, knowing that we have the best of the best defining our rhythm for us.

The Band Series

The first member of our band that we'd like for you to get to know is one of the grooviest cats in town, Robi Dominic Gomango.
Or as we like to call him, Osi.

BrydenParth_Osi Gomango_Bass.jpg

Osi is the bass guitarist of Bryden-Parth, and to say he's a veteran of the scene, would be an understatement.

Originally from Calcutta, Osi has played for some of the most popular acts to come out of the city, including being the founding member of classic rock band Krosswindz. 
While there, he played with a bunch of bands—Barefoot, a through and through pop act, Plan B, a glam rock and funk band, and Shiva, widely considered as one of the granddaddies of the Indian rock scene. 

The groove then led him to Bangalore (fortunately for us) around four years ago, and he’s been raising the funk levels of the city ever since.

He co-founded the Riverman Band, along with Luke Pattison, and a little after, began playing with The Quad, a sessions band that features with multiple vocalists from the city.


With Bryden-Parth, Osi brings not just his incredibly groovy vibe but also the kind of classy sound that comes with years of mastery over the instrument. Having him on board completes our sound in a unique way that only Osi can. 

When he’s not slapping and popping a crazy bassline for us, you can find him throwing back shots of espresso or catching the latest feature film.

2017: Meet The People Who Make The Magic Happen

It's been yet another amazing year for Bryden-Parth.
We've travelled across the country and abroad, visited gorgeous places and performed at magical venues, all of this with a 6 member band and 10 member choir.
We feel supremely blessed.


But it isn't always easy—multiple rehearsals, early morning flights, long journeys, demanding schedules, dealing with clients, managing the requirements of a huge group, and generally being on the road can take its toll.
What makes this worth it for us is the incredible musicians and singers we get to do this with.

Some of them have been around before Bryden-Parth was even a concept, some of them have joined us after, but every single one of them brings their best to the table so that we get to live what has now become a collective dream.

Apart from being the industry's finest musicians and some of the best singers in the city, they're also amazing people that we're lucky enough to call our friends.

It's the season to be joyful and grateful, and we'd like to take the next few days to celebrate and familiarise you with these people—our band, choir and sound engineers, who make every minute of this crazy ride so enjoyable and worth it.

We have a blog.

If that article title wasn't classic enough, in true blogging style, our first blog post is essentially a recap of the fabulous year we had (2016) and a Bryden-Parth Blog 101. Because, of course it is. 

Anyway, it's here! 
And we promise you won't have to wait for another three months for the next. (Hopefully.)

Why'd we decide to start a blog, you ask? (Well, you didn't ask but we'll tell you anyway.)

There's always something happening at our end—new music, new members, new venues, new shows, new vendors, new places to travel to. (Also, new airline regulations to deal with every single time we travel. All musicians reading this, who can relate, put your hands up!)



Since most of our shows are private, we figured that this blog right here would be a fun way to keep all of our fans (!) and supporters in the loop, along with just being a space where we can share all the amazing experiences we get to be a part of.

There's no fixed format really. It's just us, sharing our journey, as we forge a path in this big, bad and beautiful industry. Plus, we get to document our process which makes for great learning and also, great laughs.

So, very quickly, since we're 3 months behind our 'Happy New Year' mandatory blog post, here are the highlights of 2016 with our very best Stats Chart. 

Yeah. We typed that out in an Excel sheet. Believe it.

Yeah. We typed that out in an Excel sheet. Believe it.

What will this blog be about, you ask? (Again, you didn't ask but we'll tell you anyway.)

Well, most of the time, we travel with a 6 member band, and when The Choral Riff is gigging with us,  a 12 member choir. And a sound engineer. So that's a 19 member crew, doing 6 am rehearsals, almost 6 days a week, taking 6 am flights from Bali to Bikaner to pretty much everywhere.

And that sort of setting is bound to come with its share of colourful chaos, drama, epic adventures and the best show and stage experiences. That, and an insane amount of gear.



You'll get to know the people that make up our not-so-small family a lot better, and also see how we do what we do. 
We are so excited to have you guys on board. Be kind. Be cool. But mostly, just have fun.
And by fun we mean go subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our Facebook page if you haven't already.
Heh. Jokes. (Not really.)