The Sound Engineers

It’s March already! The first two months of this year have been a whirlwind, mainly because we were hopping from one show to the next.

The whole experience is both exhilarating and exhausting. But that’s just for the band (and choir!) There is another group of individuals who bust their backs just as much, if not more, every single show.

You don’t see them on stage, and you probably won’t see them at all, because they’re usually working their magic from a shadowy corner. But you definitely feel their presence the minute the first note soars out of the PA. Yup, we’re talking about the amazing Sound Engineers we work with. 

They’re the ones that make or break a show, set the tone with their sound, and are responsible for both the band and the audience experiencing the magic that can only be found at a live show.

We’ve had the good fortune of working with some of the best in the industry, and these last two months especially have been fantastic. And we just wanted all of you to know who these sonic superheroes are. We’re infinitely grateful!

PC: Meghna Das

PC: Meghna Das

Nitesh Narayan

The man we started out with, who was mixing us back when we were a three-piece set, playing at coffee shops. It’s another story that he grew up with Bryden and has been musically associated with him since school, and also mixed for Slain, the progressive rock band that Bryden is a part of. 

He’s also worked with Bryden and Parth when they were a part of The Raghu Dixit Project. Nitesh worked as a product specialist with Ansata Systems, freelancing in Bangalore before he moved to Mumbai to work with Audio Dimensions. Currently, he is freelancing and running his own company, Anvil Entertainment Solutions, which provides design and consultancy for light, audio and visual display.

His best-hidden talent though is his ability to bust some wicked dance moves. Ask him to show you!

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Vinod V Bangera

Vinod is the owner of Systematic Inc., a sound and lights reinforcement company, that is the forerunner in transforming the live music experience. And given that the company handles everything from Corporate to Rock shows, Vinod is also one of the hardest working people out there.

His association with Bryden and Parth dates back to when they were a part of TRDP and Vinod was mixing for them. 

When Bryden-Parth took off, and the scale of the shows began to expand, Vinod was there in full strength, supporting them with his signature massive sound. Some of the band’s best live experiences have been thanks to his faith in the duo. When he’s not setting up sound for a show (which is very rare), you can find him spending time with his beautiful wife and adorable sons. 

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Nikhil V. Pai

Nikhil Pai is probably the hardest working individual we’ve associated with. And also someone who can function with the least amount of sleep, with a cheerful disposition at that. Nikhil started out running his own rental company ‘Orpheus’ in Hyderabad, before he decided to freelance as a mix engineer for bands. He has since mixed for numerous bands, both in India and abroad.

But of course, Niks being Niks, sleepless nights mixing multiple bands wasn’t quite enough—he is also a professional co-driver for Arka Motorsports, a national level rally racing team, with whom he has won the Indian National Rally Championship for co-drivers in 2016.

Nikhil’s work ethic, patience and sheer professionalism, is something that inspires us every single show he mixes for us. And work aside, he’s one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. Ladies, take note.

PC: Shreya Sundar Iyer

PC: Shreya Sundar Iyer

Abijith Rao

This young spitfire of a sound-engineer has been a part of the Bangalore music scene both as a musician and engineer for the longest time, and mixes for bands of all genres, right from the likes of Sid Sriram to Skrat. 

Abi worked with us during one of the more stressful parts of our incredibly hectic February Schedule, and though this was his first time working with the entire band and choir of 16 people, he handled it with complete ease. Definitely a welcome relief for us between our stressful tour. He also helps coordinate the MTM-Motorcycle Travellers Meet, and is the frontman of the metal band, Escher’s Knot.

But when there are no shows and work commitments tying him down, he doesn’t waste a second getting on his bike and discovering new trails around the country. Or, as he did more recently, taking a six months long biking trip around the world, solo. 

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Prathik Sn

Another young man in the scene, who is making his presence felt by the sheer versatility of the things he does. Prathik freelances by mixing FOH for BrodhaV and Perfect Strangers, among other bands in the country.

He is also the HOD at AudioLife, a sound school in JP Nagar, Bangalore, which offers Diplomas in Sound Engineering. When he isn’t being teacher and guide to young ‘uns, he’s busy fulfilling Head Engineer duties at Fandom by Gilly’s. He eventually plans to branch out and start consulting for venues, later this year.

Prathik has been with us on some of our most interesting shows yet, mixing for us both in India and abroad and has been one of the most good natured and fun people to work with. Most recently, he mixed for our Phuket show, which was easily the most eventful journey and show we’ve ever experienced. (More on that soon!)
He won’t hear you if there’s a good hamburger around, though.

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Fali Damania

If there were a rockstar among sound engineers, then Fali would definitely be it. An industry veteran, Fali needs no introduction. 
He’s mixed all of our music heroes, from legendary bands like Pentagram, to legendary composers like A.R. Rahman, along with some of the biggest names in Bollywood.

Having been someone we’ve greatly admired, and whose mixes have left us (and everyone else in the audience) in awe, we were absolutely stoked when he agreed to mix our first ever show of the year. And he totally lived up to his reputation. 

Not only was our sound massive, but working with Fali was as satisfying an experience as one would expect. We definitely look forward to working with him again. And while we’re there, get him to give us some fantastic diet and fitness tips as well.

PC: Vinod Kumar Naidu

PC: Vinod Kumar Naidu

Vinod Kumar Naidu

Although Vinod’s stint with us was a short one, we had the best time working with him. Right from shows in scenic settings to places we were freezing body parts off. ( and where Vinod decided to show up in shorts!)
Vinod is a well-known figure in Bangalore music scene, and mixes for multiple bands in the city. He also consults and mixes for some of the most beloved live music venues in the city.
When he isn’t mixing for one of his many bands, you’re most likely going to find him at a show, supporting the scene.
(Photo used here taken from Vinod’s personal profile.)