2017: Meet The People Who Make The Magic Happen

It's been yet another amazing year for Bryden-Parth.
We've travelled across the country and abroad, visited gorgeous places and performed at magical venues, all of this with a 6 member band and 10 member choir.
We feel supremely blessed.


But it isn't always easy—multiple rehearsals, early morning flights, long journeys, demanding schedules, dealing with clients, managing the requirements of a huge group, and generally being on the road can take its toll.
What makes this worth it for us is the incredible musicians and singers we get to do this with.

Some of them have been around before Bryden-Parth was even a concept, some of them have joined us after, but every single one of them brings their best to the table so that we get to live what has now become a collective dream.

Apart from being the industry's finest musicians and some of the best singers in the city, they're also amazing people that we're lucky enough to call our friends.

It's the season to be joyful and grateful, and we'd like to take the next few days to celebrate and familiarise you with these people—our band, choir and sound engineers, who make every minute of this crazy ride so enjoyable and worth it.